Offshore rod for worming "NERF"
This series of rods were designed to fish soft plastics vertically!!
We have a full line-up of worming rods designed to match various species of game fish and ocean conditions.
Offshore rods for Tai-Rubber Jigging "NERF Winder"
These rubber jig rods were designed with a soft tip and strong backbone. The soft but
sensitive tip section allows you to feel the soft bites of snappers without alarming them. Once they have taken your jig,the strong backbone will make setting the hook and fighting those powerful snappers smooth and enjoyable.
Offshore rod for Squid Fishing "NERF SQUID"
This rod series comes equipped with our original weight balancer system.This weight balancer system will allow the angler to match his/her preferred balance.


Length: 6'2" / Lure: 28-56g / PE Line: MAX#1.2


Length: 6'5" / Lure: 28-85g / PE Line: MAX#1.5
These spinning rods were built for casting soft plastics.
V62S / V65S spinning rods will allow you to cover larger areas of water with their smooth castability.

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zZenaq NERF Offshore Light Game Rod