Even in tough conditions our Whippy rods catch the fish.

FS62-Zero Whippy

Length: 6'2" / Lure: -120g / PE Line: MAX#1.5
This series of rods are built for light line (PE 0.8~1.5) cutlass fishing. Designed with a long end grip and exact guide settings, these rods are perfect for various types of light jig fishing.

FS60-1 Whippy

Length: 6'0" / Lure: 30-60g / PE Line: MAX#1.5
The perfect set of rods when using 40g class jigs in coastal waters. Great for catching short bites on the fall from seabass, cutlass, mackerel, squid, etc….

FS59-2 Whippy

Length: 5'9" / Lure: 40-120g / PE Line: MAX#2

FB63-2 Whippy / FS63-2 Whippy

Length: 6'3" / Lure: 40-130g / PE Line: MAX#3
These rods are the flagship in our Whippy series line-up. They were built for fishing near coastal waters(20-60m) and with jigs around the 70~90g class range. Built with a flexible tip and solid backbone, these rods can handle fish up to 10kg!! Our 63 model is perfect for using long jigs with a one-pitch jerking action, as well as, slow pitch jigging.

FB56-6 Whippy / FS56-6 Whippy

Length: 5'6" / Lure: 90-220g / PE Line: MAX#4

Our #6 power Whippy is great for fighting yellow fins, amberjacks and dog tooth tuna out of strong currents and deepwater with its soft belly section and torqueful backbone. For maximum performance we recommend use jigs around the 170g class. The 63 model is perfect for slide jerk jigging with long jigs and also one-pitch jerk jigging.

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Zenaq Whippy Offshore Jigging Rods