The main focus on our Fokeeto Twitch series rods was to introduce anglers to a more sporty and aggressive style of game fishing.
To increase overall casting performance we have equipped our Twitch series with all new fuji T-KWSG guides .Changing to these guides has improved the blanks overall feeling as has helped to diminish line trouble. With a powerful backbone and sharp casting response, this series of rods will make your days out on the open water pleasureful.

FC58-1 Twitch

Length: 5'8" / Lure: 10-40g / PE Line: MAX#2
Our most technical rod in the twitch series. Rather your main target be skipjack or mahi-mahi, this rods overall short length will make casting and rhythmical presentation of small lures smoother and exciting!! All twitch series rods come with our original grip end.

FC63-2 Twitch

Length: 6'3" / Lure: 13-60g / PE Line: MAX#3
With skipjack and mahimahi being the main target species, this sharp action rod will make using small / light weight lures more enjoyable. With a strong belly section, casting overhead or underhand is a cinch!

FC70-3 Twitch

Length: 7'0" / Lure: 15-80g / PE Line: MAX#4
his rod was built for casting large / heavy weight lures long distances. Great for bull mahi and yellowfin tuna. This rod also has
no lure boundaries! Meaning it can handle any type of lure from topwater plugs to minnows and even metal jigs. Since 2003, this has been our top selling model and continues to become even more popular. *We also offer an approximately 3" longer handle for this rod.

FC78-4 Twitch

Length: 7'8" / Lure: 35-80g / PE Line: MAX#6
The perfect rod for 10~20kg yellowtail amberjacks, bull mahi and coastal tuna.78-4 is our strongest rod in the FC Twitch series.
This rod will entice massive strikes thanks to its smooth and controllable handling of large topwater plugs!

Zenaq Twitch Series