~Make a new wave in saturated seabass game fishing~
In many years, seabass fishing has been highly evolved and many seabass fishing style have also been established. Now, we try to make a new wave in saturated seabass fishing. That’s “Seabass Bigbating Game” which is catching a seabass with a big lure. This fishing style has been categorized by few under-ground anglers in Japan.
It’s not easy to catch seabass by using a bigbait (a big lure), but that’s why some anglers become enthusiastic into this fishing to pursue a moment of a huge pleasure.
There are many “hard” rods only focused on casting heavy lures, but SOPMOD is the real specialized rod which is put all the knowledge of those underground anglers and technical know-how of ZENAQ based on many years of experience.

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Zenaq SOPMOD PA B80 Plaisir Answer