FC86-3 Parabolica Bluefin Tuna

Length: 8'6" / Lure: 25-110g / PE Line: MAX#5

FC86-4 Parabolica Bluefin Tuna

Length: 8'6" / Lure: 45-140g / PE Line: MAX#6
These rods were designed specifically for bluefin tuna fishing. Offering anglers ultimate casting accuracy with trouble free performance. This rod was designed to offer superior handling and control of even the largest and fastest bluefin. With our original hexahedral front grip and offset handle implemented correctly, all anglers will be given the confidence they need to land their dream fish.FC86-3 Parabolica and FC86-4 Parabolica optimum casting weights are 40g and 60g respectively. Finally, thanks to the parabolic taper of these rods, we can now recommend using lighter than standard braided lines for bluefin tuna fishing.

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Zenaq Parabolica Bluefin Tuna Offshore Casting Rod