Bigbaiting game is becoming a new stream of lure fishing. GLANZ is not a mere stiff rod, but power and flexibility are perfectly combined in the blank.
New GLANZ will definitely satisfy the demands of eager anglers.
If you keep on spending a lot of time on bigbaiting game, you will meets the time these spec will be demanded.
Targeting Northern Pike, Blackbass, European Catfish, Murray cod, and any monstrous fish in flesh and salt water.

S68 Technical

Length: 6'8" / Lure: 6-90g / PE Line: MAX#2
As its name of Technical, It supports your accurate casting and lure control performance perfectly. Small and middle swim bait is well handled without any stress.

S73 Circular

Length: 7'3" / Lure: 7-110g / PE Line: MAX#2
Its belly is surprisingly elastic, it enables several tricks casting long distance casting, circle casting, backhand casting, skipping smoothly and rhythmically with a minimum power. Lure range is very wide; this is a versatile rod of elasticity


Zenaq Glanze Big Bait Special Rod