Our heavy weight jigging FOKEETO 53 series rods are built with the extreme fisherman in mind. We have finely tuned these rods taper, length and guide settings to give every fisherman a totally balanced fish fighting machine. So, whether your deep sea fishing for those elusive amberjacks or shallow bay fishing for yellowtails, these rods have got you covered.


Length: 5'3" / Lure: 120-300g / PE Line: MAX#5
Our recommended jig weights for this rod are from 120g~250g. With a maximum 300g limit. This rod is the perfect match for deep water amberjacks or various species of fish (yellowfins, yellowtails, etc…) that weigh between 20~30kg.


Length: 5'3" / Lure: 180-400g / PE Line: MAX#6
Our recommended jig weights for this rod are from 180g~300g. With a maximum 400g limit. If you are using 250g class jigs and your targeted species is around 30kg,then this is our most versatile model available.

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Zenaq Fokeeto Offshore Jigging Rods