EP67B / EP67S

Length: 6'7" / Lure: 13-70g / PE Line: MAX#3
EP67 is a 3 piece rod that can be used for both fresh and salt water game with several lures up to 70g. Although it perform delicate action, a possibility of rod-break declines by focusing on rod total balance. This rod will cover many kinds of fishing.
(Target fish: Barramundi, Peacock bass, Toman, Tiger fish, Pike, Buss, etc..)


EP73B / EP73S

Length: 7'3" / Lure: 20-90g / PE Line: MAX#4
Lure weight range of 15~80g is the best much for EP73. This 3 piece rod that has sharp tip and strong butt is a middle class versatile.
(Target fish: Barramundi, Peacock bass, Toman, Tiger fish, Pike,Dorado, Muskellunge, Hucho taimen, Salmon, etc…)


EP55-14S Jigging / EP55-14B Jigging

Length: 5'5" / Lure: ~450g / PE Line: MAX#6
The real 2 piece rod, which ZENAQ put all in the know-how and effort, is now debut!
We made its clothed length only 87cm, by considering high mobility in a compact car, an airplane, or in any situations.
EP55-14 Jigging is a versatile heavy jigging model, best for using metal jig of 200g to 350g.
Even though it’s a 2 piece rod, it has very smooth bending curve, high reliability not to get broken, and enough power to win a fight with any monster fish.
Your fishing trip will be much easier and much more fun, also you can now challenge for the new unknown adventure with Expedition EP55-14 Jigging.
(Target fish: Tuna, Dog-tooth tuna, King Fish, Oilfish, Amberjack, Grooper, etc..)

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