DEFI BAHN Blackfin

Shore fishing for blackfin(sea bass) is often done in the roughest seas and weather conditions.Conditions such as high seas,gail force winds and unforgivable terrain. Even in those conditions, our DEFI BAHN Blackfin series of rods were designed to give you pinpoint casting accuracy and upmost lure control.


Length: 12'6" / Lure: 10-50g / PE Line: MAX#2.5
At 12'6" in length this rods lightness and ease of use will make you think it is much shorter. With a narrow tip section,naturalistic lure presentations are easily accomplished even in the roughest of seas. But don't be fooled by this rods lightness and slim design! DB-S126 can man handle even the largest of blackfins.

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Zenaq Defi BAHN Blackfin DB-S126