Fishing rod dedicated to breakwaters

Ideal for fishing to catch small fish and sabiki fishing.
Possible to adjust the height freely, and you can sit or stand using the product.
Attach the Pole Holder to the side of the cooler box and simply erect the Ukesaburo.


● Storage size: 426 × 85 × 45 mm
● Pole holder size: 180 × 54 mm
● Weight (Including four screws): 278 g
● Accessories: Pole Holder (one unit), super-strong double-sided tape for Pole Holder mounting and four tapping screws (3.5 dia. × 12 mm)



Possible to stand or sit on breakwaters while catching small fish or enjoying sabiki fishing.
Ease of fishing rod handling at your waist height.
Possible to make height adjustments to the two-segment connecting pipes freely with the lever.

Easy to use the rod and reel in front of your body
The rod butt holder rotates for right hanging and left hanging.

● Usage
Wipe off the dirt and moisture on the mounting part of the cooler box side, attach the Pole Holder with adhesive tape, and secure the Pole Holder with four screws. Make sure that the mounting part is flat and not on or adjacent to the belt or handle.
(The mounting strength of the product fixed with adhesive tape alone will be weaker than that of the product fixed with adhesive tape and secured with the screws.)
Use the Ukesaburo inserted into the position marked B.
* Possible to mount the Sand Pole onto the position marked A of the Pole Holder

Daiichiseiko Ukesaburo 12032