The Tackle Carrier Series with the MOLLE system installed.
A further increase in expandability, mobility, and storage capacity.



● Bakkan size: External dimensions: 270 × 250 × 290 mm; internal dimensions: 250 × 230 × 280 mm
● Weight: 1,930 g
● Rod stand radius: 31 mm × 4
● Shoulder belt length: 175 cm


Shoulder Belt Style


Equipped with a long-sized shoulder strap draped across the breast to ensure long-distant movement.
The shoulder belt can be detached with a buckle. Therefore, the Bakkan (a fishing container bag) can be washed.


Bakkan Style

The rust-resistant stainless steel frame and EVA semi-hard Bakkan that incorporates a half opening fixed button can be used for tackle storage and bucket keeping, according to the situation.
Stored as refreshing in combination with the optional Tackle Cube (sold separately).


Combining the left and right handles, rotating the lock grip to lock the handles and prevent separation. The integrated handle ensures ease of carrying.

Equipped with two stands on each of the two sides (for a total of four stands), and possible to store light tackle game rods upright if they have a length of around 8 feet and up to 31 mm in diameter.
No need to place the rods on the ground, which makes a quick tackle change without rod or reel damage.

Handle Lock & Rod stand & Assist Arm Style
Equipped with collapsible assist arms so that the rods can stably stand and the Bakkan (fishing container bag) will not topple over.
When in use, set down the assist arms and perfectly secure the product with a lock ring.


Hard Top Cover & MOLLE System

The hard top cover that opens on both sides can lock the buckle in the closed state, thus making it possible to lock the cover by tightening the belt and preventing the ingress of water into the inside.
Possible to open a single side with the handle kept upright.
Possible to interchange the left and right sides with the Velcro tape changed.

The Sub Pocket and other accessories compatible with the system can be secured tightly by alternately weaving them on the belt (webbing) on the front side of the bag. Possible to install the optional Egi Rack MS Series, Sub Pocket, MS Rod Rack, and Wani Grip Mini, and others to customize the product to your preferred style



Daiichiseiko Tackle Carrier MS 2725