Easy and smooth. Kink resolution.
A rotation system with automatic kink elimination, in which the spool rotates when the line is wound on the reel while the large-sized reel is secured firmly with a pipe sheet.
A high-rigidity carbon body ensures ease of winding with high tension smoothly, thus making it possible to set a variety of rigs, ranging from large-sized spinning reels to bait reels.
Supporting a wide range of spools, ranging from a single spool to a 600-m long coupled wide spool, thus eliminating frustration from kinks and making the line last long. 
Bait reels are available as well.

Super Line Markey 33098 Daiichiseiko

  • ● Size: 426 × 150 × 55 mm (when in use); 212 × 200 × 55 mm (when folded)
    ● Weight: 330 g
    ● Spool maximum installation width: 80 mm; maximum diameter: 125 mm
    ● Supporting spinning reels (up to No. 10,000 class casting).