After touching the fish, even wet hands are not slippery! 
PEC resin adopted and easy to grasp Outstanding grip shape 
Stainless steel body and strong against rust! 
Stainless steel body + black nickel surface processing 
Equipped with eye tuner! 
Supports three different sizes 
Sleeve, pressure equipment for sinker!

Comfortable PEC Resin Grip - Easy to grip and prevent sliping hands with control and comfort 
Built to Last - Constructed from Stainless Steel & Black Nickel coating preventing rusting 
Equipped with an eye tuner - Handles 3 different sizes 
Equipped with Crimper - Ideal for working with sleeves or sinkers


The best model for lightning fish fishing. It is a super long nose type convenient for removing and collecting swallowed lures and hooks. Prior to removing the hook, we stuck to a straight type that does not have a split ring opener. 
Also, in offshore jigging and casting games, it is possible to safely remove hooks hit by dangerous tattoos or dangerous fish that can not be touched by bare hands.

Design need with nose pliers give you the ability to reach deep down into the mouth of get designs with straight jaws instead of split ring tips These pliers are perfect when handling toothy creatures. for the angler who enjoys offshore jigging, casting off the beach, Snake head fishing or any style of fishing that encounters fish with sharp spines.


9 inch stainless steel long nose plier

Weight: 250g

8.5 inch stainless steel long nose pliers

Weight: 185 g

Standard retail price ¥ 1,800 (excluding tax) 
JAN: 4562208060478

6.5 inch stainless steel long nose pliers

Weight: 148 g 

Kahara Stainless Steel Long Nose Pliers