From trout rods (root dia.: 6 mm) to casting rods (root dia.: 30 mm). The Line Markey of rod mounting type. 
A rotation system with automatic kink elimination, in which the spool rotates when the line is wound on the reel.
Eliminating frustration resulting from kinks and making the line last long.
OK to change lines on the fishing spot. Ideal for lures that use thin lines and for PE lines that may kink easily.
Bait reels are available as well.

Rod Line Markey 33045 Daiichiseiko

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  • ● Size: 184 × 160 × 64 mm
    ● Weight: 272 g
    ● Spool maximum installation width: 80 mm; maximum diameter: 125 mm
    * Up to six coupling spools with a diameter of 123 mm (e.g., Yotsuami Ultra Dyneema) can be attached (for a distance of 600 m)
    ● Maximum installation width: 6 to 30 mm