Easy for everyone. A reliable assisting tool that can weave the PE line in a speedy manner.
Provided with a wavy line hook of switching type and an offset arm can easily and securely tie the PE line and leader line with the FK Knot in a speedy manner.
When carrying, the product can be stored compactly with the arm closed.

Knot Assist 2.0 DAIICHISEIKO

  • ● PE line: 0.3 to 6
    ● Leader: 3 lb to 70 lb
    ● Size: 58 × 149 × 39 mm
      105× 57 × 39 cm (when accommodated)
    ● Weight: Carbon black: 50 g; military colors: 68 g
    ● Material: Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP with a content rate of 20%); Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP with a content of 55%)
    Patent application: 2010-142111/2011-279546