KJ Rubber lip grip is a KJ lip grip upgraded version. 
In the grip part, by adopting rubber, it got even slippery grip.

Lightweight aluminum alloy body
New design design pursuing lightness and strength. 
Even if you hold the trigger
grip that is easy to put your finger on it, the main body turns 360 °. 
I kept sticking to ease of landing. 
KJ rubber lip grip adopts rubber for grip part It
fits hands more than EVA, and it is a material that is hard to slip especially when water is attached. 
Measured fish on the spot
can measure up to 12 kg. 
Arm does not hurt the fish
because it is the arm of the wide type does not hurt the fish. 
Size: 29 cm Weight: 265g With 
lanyard (Elongation: 16 cm to 90 cm) KAHARA KJ Rubber Lip Grip

  • Made from heat-treated'ultra light 'Aluminum
  • Easy 360 turning handleAccurate internal scales to 12 kg
  • Anti-slip EVA handle
  • Size: 29 cm Weight: 265 g
  • Color variation


         Silver/Gun Metal

Kahara KJ Aluminium Rubber Lip Grip 265G