■ JB / NBC official recognition net

It is a rubber landing net specially designed for bus tournaments. The shaft adopts a long shaft of 100 cm, EVA material which is easy to grip and hard to slip on the grip part is adopted. 
In addition, we adopted a net of depth that can be used for large-sized buses using silicone rubber net which is gentle on fish and is hard to get involved with hooks. 
It adopts smoky color which is hard to notice even when net color is put in water, is an essential model indispensable for the bus tournament scene.


- Shaft length 100 cm 
- Net dimension vertical - Maximum length 60 cm / Width - Maximum length 46 cm / Deepest part of the net: 28.5 cm 
- Dimensional dimension 102.5 cm 
- Weight 570 g 
- Net color: Smoke

Bass Tournament Rubber Landing Net. 
Made with an extra long shaft, at 100 cm for easy handling, this Bass Tournament Rubber Landing Net is equipped with an EVA grip handle for slip free handling, an extra large oval shaped hoop for extra strength and landing fish with ease, and a heavy duty silicon rubber net with a fish friendly knot free design to keep from tangling hooks and the fishes' fins in the net.

Kahara Bass tournament rubber landing net