Even wet hands are not slippery!

Excellent grip strength with elastomer resin specification

Stainless steel body is strong against rust!

Easy cut PE line too!

Excellent sharpness! Stainless steel line cutter

Convenient for hook exchange!

Split ring opener supports ring inner diameter of 3 mm or more

Built to Last

Constructed from Stainless Steel. Black nickel finish on surface, excellent antirust even used saltwater.

Great for Changing out Hooks

Features Split Ring Tip Opener (For use of small sized splitrings 3 mm and above).

Comfortable Rubber Grip

Easy to grip and prevents slippery hands.

Center Cutter

Easily cuts mono, fluorocarbon & braided fishing line.

※ stainless steel body + black nickel surface processing 
※ split ring inner diameter 3mm or more ~ ​​correspondence possible 
※ Weight : 98g 

Kahara 6" KJ Stainless Plier