KAHARA Aluminum Pliers

  • Lightweight & Rigid Frame - High Grade Aluminum with titanium coated jaws. Features splitring tips and curved handles for comfortable gripping.
  • Replaceable Tungsten Blades - sharp enough to cut braided Line WITHOUT any tension on the line After years of use, replace the blades so the KAHARA pliers will continue to provide this same level of cutting sharpness the angler has depended on.
  • Unique Sheath - Mounts on your seat pedestal pole or Life Jacket ensuring that your KAHARA's will be conveniently ready when you "Catch the Big One".
  • Exceptional Value - "One tool that will get the Job done: Quickly , Conveniently and Sharply!"Exceptional Value-"One tool that will get the Job done: Quickly, Conveniently and Sharply!"
  • The body and tip parts are now joined by a mountain shaped cutting formation increasing the overall durability.
  • Equipped with an eye tuner - Handles 3 different sizes.
  • Adopting a mountain-cut structure to match the tip parts and the main body improves durability

  •  Weight 128 g

  • split ring inner diameter 3.5mm

  • Aluminum alloy body It is resistant to rust!

  • Advanced Parts Stainless Steel, Titanium Coating Convenient for hook exchange with split ring opener at the tip

  • 3 way multi-holder usable in various scenes standard equipment

  • Tungsten steel cutter adopted PE line also cut easily

  • With fall prevention lanyard Equipped with Eye Tuner 3 sizes available

Kahara 6.5" Heavy-duty Aluminum Pliers