• Body made of aluminum alloy
  • Weight is 120 g and light feeling of use!
  • The tip parts adopt titanium coating for rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • By adopting tungsten steel cutter, PE line is cut easily!
  • All models, with lanyards to help prevent falling.
  • Convenient 3-way multi holder that can be used in various scenes is standard equipment.
  • split ring inner diameter 3mm ~ corresponding possible


Multipurpose Aluminum Pliers

*CNC machined from aluminum alloy.
*Excellent antirust even used in saltwater.
*Replaceable stainless steel sprit ring jaws coated by Titanium.
*Strong replaceable tungsten carbide cutters,cuts braided/PE lines and monofilament lines effortlessly. 
*3 ways system plires holder.





Kahara 6.5" Aluminum Pliers Slim Type