MR (Monster Rockfish) game which is rapidly increasing in popularity in recent years. With the rise in popularity, the pressure to fish also gets higher, and it is becoming severe fishing now. To overcome such a situation, review blanks, guide setting, grips all, redesigned to a model specialized in recent MR game. Improved operability and sensitivity with a sharp top, bending smoothly over the berries, carrying the weight of the lure, full cast, strong and sticky bat outperform the powerful fight of the root fish. It is exactly a technical & powerful model finished for MR games. 


  • Model

    Tiro MR 17 GOMTS-812MH-MR

    Weight, g


    Length, ft

    8'1 "

    Bait test, gr

    10 - 42

    Test on the line, Lbs

    8 - 25